White Molly

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  • Mollies due to their size are accepted by beginners but they are popular with experienced aquarist too on account of their undemanding, brightly colored and good temperament. There is a unique variety amongst mollies called the Balloon Molly.  This fish was bred to be extremely short and round. The breeding causes an unnatural curvature of the spine. Unfortunately, this has been known to cause a great deal of internal organ damage and can shorten their lifespan dramatically. They can grow upto 8 inches, however, in aquarium their sizes are generally less than 8 inches.
  • The variations amongst the mollies are identified by their fins like the Common or Short-finned Molly, the Sailfin or Topsail Molly, and the Mexican Sailfin Molly, also called the Giant Sailfin Molly.
  • One of the most common and appreciated ones are the Black Molly, a striking fish with pure jet black coloration. You will also find Mollies in other colours like white, orange, rust, silver, black, green, gold, and combinations of some or all of these.
  • You don’t need an oversized tank to house Molly fishes, small or medium size tank will be just fine. However, it is recommended that a 20 gallon tank is used to house mollies.
  • They are live bearers and they give birth live fries unlike other fishes who lay eggs.
  • The Average life span of molly is about 3 years and if adequate care is taken they can live longer.
  • They are hardy fishes but the water parameters have to be maintained to give Mollies good environment.   It is suggested to keep three female to every male in order to avoid pursuit of a mate by males.  Mollies are brackish water fish and it is advisable and to keep them in brackish environment.  It is advisable to add one teaspoon per gallon of salt to maintain brackishness / salinity of water, which would improve the overall disease tolerance capability of mollies.
  • Though Mollies are omnivorous, but it is advised that they are feed high herbivorous content.
  • Mollies are better kept in limited numbers and the tank should not be overstocked.  Any impact on account of built up of ammonia may severely and adversely affect the health of mollies.  It is recommended that water change to the extent of 25% to 30% is done every week.  In case the aquarium is large the partial water change can be done fortnightly or even monthly.  Good filtration system will essential to maintain the water parameters. You could use filter or external filters as mollies are not comfortable in heavy water movements.
  • The compatible tank mates for mollies ideally would be mollies or other members of the life bearer family.  Mollies are known for fin nipping habit but they themselves have extensive fins therefore it is advisable not to keep fin nipper like tiger barbs as tank mates.
  • The size of the White Molly on display is roughly 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
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