Air Diffuser Stick (12 Inch)

Air Diffuser Stick (12 Inch)

  • Aquarium Air Diffuser is used to supplement air flow into the aquarium, assisting in oxygenation of the aquarium water.
  • They are to be used with the air pump, External / Internal.
  • Use of Air Stopper / Controller is recommended to ensure adequate flow of air to the destined area in the aquarium.
  • The Air Diffuser Stick creates an air curtain giving visual treat to the viewers.
  • It is recommended that Air Diffuser Stick is cleaned regularly to prolong its life.
  • Discontinue and discard the use of Air Diffuser Stick when it is clogged, as further use may cause stress / damage the air pump.
  • The colour and its combination of the product may vary depending upon the stock available.


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