Sobo Aquarium Top Filter (WP-880F) (Power-15W)

Sobo Aquarium Top Filter (WP-880F) (Power-15W)

  • A handy aquarium filter specially designed to fit on any aquarium of 42 to 78 cm in size.
  • Compact to save space and easy to assemble .
  • The pump is totally submerge to increase the circulation water in the tank.
  • Supply oxygen.
  • The pump must be kept in water all the time.
  • When cleaning the pump, make sure to disconnect the electricity.
  • Power : 15W
  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz. 
  • F.Max : 650 L/H
  • Ideal for 150 liter aquarium tank.
  • Filter media / sponge (Sold separately) is not a part of this product.


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  • Ideal Water Circulator & Oxygenator used for powering undergravel filters, wavemakers, sponge filters & for water pumping.
  • Absorbs dirt, keeps water clear, suitable for any aquarium and all kinds of filtration.
  • Completely submersible motor, safe & reliably quiet operation.
  • Suitable for fresh and sea /marine water aquarium.
  • Removes physical particles by suction, assists in biological filtration in the filter media.

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Weight 645 g

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