Sobo Aquarium Internal Filter (WP-1000F) (Power-15W)

Sobo Aquarium Internal Filter (WP-1000F) (Power-15W)

  •  User Instructions
  • Always disconnect from the electrical socket before performing maintenance.
  • Always ensure the pump is totally submerged in water.
  • Do not lift the pump unit by pulling the wire (Power Cord).
  • The power supply cord provided for this appliance cannot be replaced.
  • A clogged or dirty intake screen will generally reduce the performance of the pump. Hence you must wash away the surrounded debris frequently. If less flow is required, adjust the flow control level.
  • Maintenance : Remove the front cover and the impeller cover, followed by the impeller unit. use a small brush to clean the cylinder or just wash away the debris under running water.
  • Trouble Shooting : If the pump fails to operate, please check and ensure there is a consistent power supply to the pump unit.
  • Power : 15W
  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • F.Max : 650 L/H
  • Ideal for small sized aquarium tank of 150 liters capacity


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  • Ideal Water Circulator used for internally filtering the aquarium water.
  • The air pipe attached with the internal filter, provides oxygenation / aeration to the aquarium water.
  • Absorbs dirt, keeps water clear, suitable for any aquarium and all kinds of filtration.
  • Completely submersible motor, safe & quiet operation.
  • Suitable for fresh and sea / marine water.
  • Removes physical particles by suction, assists in biological filtration in the filter media.
  • The filter media / sponge, filters the dirt and traps it in its pores.
  • It is important to clean the sponge regularly. While cleaning the sponge / filter media, it is recommended to use the aquarium water and not Tap water.
  • Performing regular maintenance can prolong the life span of the pump. During Installation, ensure the power plug is inserted to the power socket outlet at the higher point. This is to ensure that water will not back flow via the wire to the socket outlet or via the air pipe.
  • Do not run dry the pump.
  • In case your aquarium is sufficiently aerated / oxygenated you could block the air intake in the filter.

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Weight 350 g

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