Round Thermometer Sticker

Round Thermometer Sticker

  • Temperature plays an important role in the aquatic life.
  • Round Thermometer Sticker reflects the actual temperature of the Aquarium which can be useful in remedying and controlling the temperature in order to provide healthy environment to the aquatic plants and fishes.
  • Instructions for use :
  • Chose a surface inside the aquarium where you would like to stick the Round Thermometer Sticker.
  • While choosing the surface in your aquarium, keep in mind that the Round Thermometer Sticker has to be stuck in an upright position / vertical alignment, and is required to be completely submerged and clearly visible.
  • Clean the surface where you would like to paste the Round Thermometer Sticker and paste it without leaving any air bubbles.
  • Fill in your aquarium with water completely submerging the Round Thermometer Sticker.
  • In order to obtain best and accurate results, wait for few minutes before recording the temperature.


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