Rainbow Shark

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  • Rainbow shark is also known by other name like ruby shark or red fin shark. it is not recommended to keep more than one rainbow shark in the community aquarium on account of its aggressive and territorial behavior. it requires aquarium with large rocks and dense vegetation to stabilize to its tarity and hiding place. it can grow up to 6″ in size. they are omnivorous and are not choosy about their food. rainbow shark is known to jump to out of tank and therefore aquarium tank with cover or hood is recommended. they need little care and are recommended for beginners however partial water change of 25% every week is desirable.
  • they are unfit for small tanks so minimum tank size of 60 gallon is recommended. ideal tank mate for rainbow shark include bala shark, iridescent shark, cat fish, corys, gourami, danios fish, barbs, loaches. more aggressive fishes should not be kept with rainbow sharks, they can comfortably live in water with turbulence there fore strong filtration system would not only keep the aquarium clean but mimic the natural habitate of rainbow shark.
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