Outside Canister Filter (SunSun) (HW-402A)

Outside Canister Filter (SunSun) (HW-402A)

  • Canister filters are ideal filtration system for an aquarium. Though expensive, they maintain near ideal aquatic environment with little or no outside effort.
  • You need not carry out regular changes post installing external canister filter.
  • It is equipped to carry out Chemical, Physical and Biological filtration.
  • Ideal for 250 liter aquarium.
  • Operation / Installation Guide :
  • To set your filter up, the buckles (1) and (2) should be unclipped from the main body of the filter head.  This will then separate the head from the base of the filter.
  • You can then access you filter trays to be able to clean the filter media or add filter media (Filter media can be purchased separately). Repeat step one to refasten the filter head to the base of the filter.
  • Push the inlet and outlet taps into the filter head and fasten using the small handle in between the taps this is also the shut of valve. After this attach your hose to each tap and secure using the screw caps. Refer to the diagram as provided for along with the product.
  • Then attach the input down-pipes and output spray-bars.
  • According to the diagram then press down the blue primer button on the top of the filter head this will prime the filter drawing water in through the hose. Repeat this if necessary until all pipework is full with water.
  • Model : HW-402A
  • Voltage : 220-240 V/ 50 Hz
  • Power : 18 W
  • H-Max : 1.4 m
  • Output : 1000 L/h
  • Weight : 3.5 kg


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