Highly Efficient Activated Carbon (300 GM)

Highly Efficient Activated Carbon (300 GM)

  • Carbon or Activated carbon is used as a chemical filtration system.
  • It is used as filter medium in top filters, internal and external filters.
  • It helps to remove many organic and inorganic materials dissolved in tank water.
  • It keeps the aquarium water clear, and removes odors.
  • Activated carbon works by using absorption and adsorption.
  • Absorption is the process by which pollutants are trapped in the pores of the carbon (you can think of this process as a molecular-sized mechanical filter).
  • Adsorption occurs because the carbon has a large surface area (with all the pores) and, therefore, many chemical bonding sites helps trap the harmful substances.  Adsorption is the process by which pollutants are chemically bonded to these sites and trapped by the carbon.
  • Periodic cleaning and rinsing of the activated carbon extends the efficiency and usefulness of activated Carbon.
  • They need to be regularly replaced for effective cleaning as the potency of activated Carbon diminishes over a period of time.
  • Please be cautious while using activated Carbon, as it may affect the potency of medicine used in your aquarium. Therefore, while administering medicine, it is recommended to remove activate carbon to attain desired affect / impact of the medicine on the fishes in your aquarium.
  • Net WT : 300g with Netted Poly bag


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