Fish Tank Water Changing Device / Siphon (75.7Inch)

Fish Tank Water Changing Device / Siphon is the easiest way t0 drain or re-charge the water in your aquarium. Made of high-quality plastic material, this siphon pump is durable and practical in use. It is exceptionally light in weight and good in design, this siphon pump is convenient to use. It could effectively keep the aquarium clean to give your fish a decent and nice living environment. Easy to install and can be used right away.

Instructions for Use of Device / Siphon : You can chose to adjust the flow of water by adjusting the knob on the Outlet.  While using it on sand or lighter substrate keep and maintain distance between the Inlet and the substrate. You could control the flow of water by adjusting the know / switch on the outlet.  Plastic web / mesh is inserted at the inlet valve to avoid suction of smaller fishes into the siphon. You may clean the siphon after very water change to ensure that the dead and decomposing materials trapped in the siphon do not cause and spread infection.


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