Balloon Molly

  • Molly fishes are one of the most desired fishes by hobbyist who have small or medium size tank there are verities available and they are live bearers and they give birth live fries unlike other fishes who lay eggs molly are easily bred and at times can pose difficult situations on account of large number of fries based on their fins and coloration they are broadly divided in four categories 1. Poecilia which means (many colored), 2. Sphenops means (wedge appearance ) 3. Latipinna which means broad fins and finally velifera which means sail bearing. the most common is the short-finned molly, these can grow up to 3″ or longer depending upon care and upkeep. Mollies have been inter bread to create large varieties.
  • Average life span of molly is about 3 years and if adequate care is taken they can live longer. Mollies requires clean water and prone to ich, fungle and other diseases males are relentless in their pursuit of a mate so it is advisable to keep three female to every male. mollies are brackish water fish and it is advisable and to keep them in brackish environment. though the molly can survive in fresh water condition but there are chances of high mortality rate if brackish condition are not mate. balloon mollies have compatibility short a life span on account of their body shape. while keeping balloon molly it is advisable to keep constant care and conditioning as they are not immune to fluctuation of water parameters, mollies are generally omnivorous but their diet should consist of high herbivorous content.
  • Mollies are not suited for over stocked tanks and the aquatic condition have to be maintained to avoid any fluctuation which may advisorly affect the health of mollies it is recommended that weekly water change to the extent of 25% is done. and in case a larger aquarium the partial water change can be affected every 2-4 weeks. good filtration is also essential in maintaining the water parameters. however strong filter is not recommended as they may increase the water movement. it is recommended that one teaspoon per gallon of salt is added to maintain salinity which would improve the overall disease tolerance capability of mollies.
  • They are active swimmer it would be appropriate to have mollies or other members of the life bearer family. another important aspect to kept in mind is while selecting or choosing tank-mates for mollies is their capability to adjust to brackish condition. mollies are fin nipper but they themselves have extensive fins therefore it is advisable not to keep fin nipper like tiger bard as tank mates.

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