Albino Tiger Barb

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  • They are also called as gold tiger barb, red tiger barb, golden platinum tiger barb. the only difference between these and tiger barb is that albino do not have always gill covers for this reason they may not be choice of many aquariest. they are well suited for hobbyiest of all experience levels. they are fin nipping breeds and therefore this treat of Albino tiger barb have to be kept in mind before introducing them in tank of long finned or extended fin variety.
  • they can grow up to 3″ in size and live up to 7 years with the proper and adequately maintained aquarium. they are decently immune to water changes and parameters and a hardy fishes. they are omnivorous and would generally accept all kind of food it would be appropriate to feed them twice or thrice day. keeping in mind that the food is consumed with in three to five minutes and any extra food is removed. this rule of removing the extra food is applicable in most variety of aquarium fishes but in case of albino tiger barb over feeding could adversely affect their health.
  • Partial water change  of 25% every week would be recommended if the tank is not densely stocked.
  • It would be appropriate to have school of 7 or more Albino Tiger Barb in a minimum of 15 gallon aquarium. in case of Albino Tiger Barb more fishes would make them more comfortable. the filtration system needs to be a high quality without creating much water turbulence as these fishes prefer slow water movement.
  • it would be appropriate to keep smaller size fish or larger size fish in the community tank along with Albino Tiger Barb as small fishes may become target of their fin nipping habits and stressed. these fishes are skilled jumpers it would therefore be necessary to secure the aquarium by covering it.
  • The good compatible tank mates are similar size tetras rainbow fish, larger rasboras, barbs and some dwarf cichlid, danios since they are hardy fish in a well maintained aquarium their health would not be of any issue.
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