Albino Oscar

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  • Oscars are south american cichlids and grow very fast, they are quite Intelligent and are perfect as pet fish. They are very popular aquarium fish on account of their hardiness they can be extremely territorium and it is advisable not to have tank mates who would easily fit into their mouth, they are a good for beginner into this hobby has little care is required for their upkeep, they are very curious about their surrounding and would explore new edition in the aquarium, with a proper upkeep they can live beyond ten years, they are also known by the other names wiz. velvet cichlids, and marble cichilds, amongs the known variety of oscar are red tiger oscar, red oscar, albino tiger oscar, albino red oscar, and speckled red oscar. the recent additions to the varities include lutinos and long finned which are also called veil tail oscar.
  • Oscars require large aquarium and Typically need a large aquarium of above 55 gallons, oscars can eat anything and uncomplaining about their food, they are carnivorous and would readily accept tread or frozen food. They tend to have intestinal blockages and therefore it is advisable to peeled boiled piece to avoid these symptomes, it is recommanded to change 20% of the water of the tank weekly and while doing partial water change it is advised that all decomposing organic matter residue are removed. it is a very common problem faced by the hobbyist that their aquarium tank on account of decomposing organic matter is not able to satisfy the requirement of nitrogen cycle and thus the aquatic live stock perish.
  • Partial Water Change : Frequently of partial water change would depend upon various factors including number of oscars, their sizes, and the feeding cycle. during first few weeks, it is advisable that you observe the oscars closely to see if they are affected by high ammonia content which could be due to various reasons. aquasovi has large number of water testing kits and conditions available which could assist you in monitoring the water parameter and keeping the ammonia and nitrate lever in water within requisite parameter. you need to install effective filtration system which should cater to physical, chemical, and biological filtration. you also need to install hiter securely as oscars tend to play with toys and other artifacts in the aquarium. the substrate of the aquarium can be find send and you could add hiding places to help small oscars and other tank mates from being bullet by larger oscars.
  • These are ideal community fish. and therefore you need to keep in mind the compatibility while adding new tank mates with oscar but you will need to observe the behaviors of the oscar before leaving them unattended. certain tank mates advisable with oscars are other similarly sized oscars pacus, large arowanas, dempseys, and large plecos.
  • you could choose from variety of filtration system available to suit the requirement of the oscar in your tank. the oscar fish is Albino Oscar, approximately 3-5″ in size. healthy and active.
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