Mechanical Filtration

The process of mechanical filtration is aimed at removing particulate material from the water. This matter may include uneaten food, faeces or plant or algal debris. Mechanical filtration is ordinarily achieved by passing water through materials which act as a sieve, physically trapping the particulate matter. In easy terminology, solid waste can removed by physical hand netting of debris, or it may involve highly equipment which permits the water to flow through the filter and medium contained thereunder, which traps the physical wastes. Removal of solid wastes from water through some form of medium is known as mechanical filtration. The solid wastes are first collected, and then must be physically removed from the aquarium system. Mechanical filtration is ultimately ineffective if the solid wastes are not removed from the filter, and are allowed to decay and dissolve in the water. Therefore, it is advisable that the Mechanical filtration works in conjugation with biological and / or Chemical Filteration to achieve desired result.

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