Breeding Box For Small Fishes

  • Breeding Tank for Small Fishes

    • Unique in shape and size, allows the fish fries / eggs to slip to the bottom compartment ensuring the fries / eggs to stay protected and away from the breeding fish and other fishes.
    • Perforations in the compartment maintains the quality and temperature to that of the aquarium.
    • No requirement of maintaining separate and secluded aquarium, as these breeding boxes / compartments, fit perfectly in your existing glass aquarium.
    • Built-in clapboard, assists the eggs and fries from being eaten up by the parent or other fishes in the aquarium.
    • Built-in separator, can also be used to separate the diseased fish or different species apart.
    • Ideal for small fishes, like Platy, Mollies, guppies.
    • Not recommended for large or medium sized breeding fishes.

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