Commercial aquariums are perfect for modernizing up a business or open space by establishing a relaxing and beautiful environment for all visitors and employees.

We take great pride in on our ability to provide our clients with unlimited options when adding an aquarium to their office, hotel, mall, hospitals etc. From perfectly designing and integrating an aquarium to aquariums that are the primary focal point of the room, we work with to ensure your vision is executed flawlessly and most importantly with safety.

We provide clients with a level of quality, craftsmanship and elegance that few others can achieve.


Tropical, Marine, Brackish aquariums have been at the heart and mind of Aquasovi capability. We have an extensive range of design and manufacturing options to suit everyone, no matter how demanding.

We provide all round services for any commercial aquarium ranging from design, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance of custom aquarium designs and systems.

To make sure that your aquarium’s stay healthy and beautiful always, we provide yearly maintenance plans that includes monthly schedule cleaning of your aquariums, water changes, to make sure no infection effects the aquatic life and last but not the least periodic checking and replacing (if required) of the equipments those are essential to keep the aquariums running like heaters, filters, wave makers, lights, UV, Sump etc.

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