Rid-All Anti-Ich (50ml)

Rid-All Anti-Ich (50ml)

  • Directions : Upon detection of Ich use 5 ml or Rid-All Anti-Ich to 25 liters of water.
  • For Tetra fishes, Mormyrids Loches and baby fishes, use 5 ml to 50 liters of water.
  • Continue treatment for 2 days or until fish recovers for symptoms of Ich.
  • It is also equally useful for mouth and baby fungi, fin and tail rot, torn fins and sore spots.
  • Rid-All Anti-Ich solution can be directly applied onto the affected area. “To sterilize fish tank , use 5 ml to 10 liters of water and soak for 5-6 hrs.
  • 100 ml of Rid-All Anti-Ich treats 500 Liters of aquarium water.
  • Only for Aquarium uses shake well before uses.
  • Weight : 50ml


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  • Rid-All Anti-Ich is the latest development of Aquarium Pharmaceuticals in the treatment of “White Spot” (Lethophthius multifillis) in aquarium fishes.
  • It destroys the Ich parasites effectively within 24 hrs and within 3 days for persistent care and medication.
  • Active Ingredient :  Methylen Blue B.P.C with Acid oxalate of ANHYDRODI (p-D imenthylamino) : Ratio : 13:1
  • Shake well before use. and keep away from children. Its only for Aquarium use.
  • Please refer to “Just Curious” regarding ailments/diseases afflicting fresh/marine water/aquarium fishes..

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