Platinum/Silver Angel

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  • Angel fishes are among-est the popular fishes which are kept by the beginner and long time hobbyist there are numerous varieties on account of natural nutrition which are available for sale in open market. some of the batter known varieties are silver angel fish, zebra, marble angel fish, veil tail angel fish.
  • They can grow up to 6″ in length and therefore require at least 30 gallon tank. they are community fishes but may not  tolerate smaller fish. they can become aggressive as they grow older.
  • They are very sensitive to water changes and therefore strict water parameter have to be maintained while conducting partial water change.  one need to be causes with long finned angel fish as they are prone to fin nipping by variety of fishes.
  • They  are omnivorous and can eat variety of food.
  • Water change of roughly of 20% is required every week to maintain healthy environment.
  • Since they become aggressive as they grow old it is necessary to have have tank mates which would not interfere with the territory maintain by the angel fish. you can comfortably have live plants as they don’t burrow or dig the substrate.
  • They are very sub-stable to ich and skin flukes and parasitic infestation, so it is recommended to keep the water sparkling clean and not allow the decomposing matters to accumulate.
  • The Product fish available is Platinum/Silver Angel Fish about 2″ in diameter is absolutely healthy.
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