Plastic Air Line Transparent Pipe (per metre)

  • No aquarium can function without Air line Pipes. These pipes connect the air pumps (External or internal), in conjugation with Stopper / controller, Two / Three / Four way Air Pipe Connectors to carry fresh air into the aquarium.
  • While Placing order for Air Pipes, you are requested to ascertain the total length required.
  • While calculating the length of air pipe required, please measure the length from the air pumps (Air pumps have to be kept at a height higher than the highest water level of the aquarium, to ensure that the water does not flow back into the air pump in case of electricity failure, and not touching or abutting the aquarium to ensure that the vibration caused by the air pumps does not disturb the aquatic fishes) to the desired accessory in the aquarium.
  • You may also chose Stopper / controller, Two / Three / Four way Air Pipe Connectors for adequate utilization of your accessory and air pump.
  • The product displayed is White (Transparent) Connecting Pipe.


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Weight 50 g

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