Golden Gourami

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  • Gouramis broadly fall under to broad category namely dwarf gourami  and large gourami, the primarily different between the two is the size, various varieties exists in each category, namely dwarf gourami, red fire dwarf gourmi, neon blue dwarf gourmi, kissing gourmi,  the sparkling gourmi, Flame dwarf gourmi, pearl gourmi, chocolate gourami, power blue dwarf gourmi, Honey dwarf gourami, gold gourami & Giant Gourmi many of these gouramis are known by other names and you can contact aquasovi for ascertaining the details.
  • Gouramis are capable of breathing oxygen directly from atmosphere and for this reason they are categorised under labyrinth fish. this makes them highly suitable for aquarium because in case of oxygen level being down in the water, they can gulp care at the surface of the water. you will often notice bubble on the top of the water as is visible in the betta fish.
  • Gourami fish can comfortably survive in small aquarium but it is recommended to have minimum of 10 gallon aquarium for a gourami fish. it is perfectly suited for those who have purchased the new aquarium and have no previous knowledge to fish keeping. it is undemanding and fairly easy to keep since these fishes are not aggressive, they can be kept in community aquarium, gouramis would prefer and aquarium and with lot of hiding place as they tend to get stress easily, certain species who are fin nippers like guppies, and other labyrinth fish like betta should be avoided.
  • The average adult size is around 5-6 inches with proper upkeep these fishes could live beyond 4-6 years. since these fishes are very hardy and undemanding they are good choice for beginners.
  • Gouramis are omnivorous and would generally accept any kind of food but it is advised to give them balanced food even vegetable can be offered to them. they are to be fad once or twice a day.
  • It is important to keep water movement in the tank minimal as agitation on account of water movement can stress them and which could bitromatic to gouramis and ideal tank mate of gourami would be peaceful and similar or smaller size fish like harlequin rasbora, you could also consider small loaches, smaller catfish and rainbow fish as its tank mates. you need to stickily avoid none fin nippers like barbs, guppies etc.
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